User Experience is a Team Sport

At Akendi we offer training courses that lead to certifications in UX research and UX design.  Of the hundreds of people that have taken our courses, I have personally encountered a significant number who are the only UX resource in their company or their department.  They come to use to learn new domains (like mobileContinue Reading

Preparing for an Augmented Future: Homework

If you’ve arrived without listening to my webinar on preparing for an augmented future then you might want to have a quick listen here and then come back and participate in the conversation. For everyone else, thanks for dropping by, I know the thought of homework is not the most appealing. In my webinar IRead more

Dull Devices: Breaking Through Age Assumptions

Dull Devices: Breaking Through Age Assumptions

Does anyone really feel their age?  I don’t mean whether or not you know what YOLO means.  (In that sense I am ok with being older, as I could never say it without a mocking voice.)  But really, what does it mean to be your age?  When people say, “wow, you don’t look your age!”Read more

Your Association Needs a Better Website

Does your website increase membership? Influence industry change? Build partnerships? How about promote thought leadership? Increase loyalty? Or foster community? It can! Your website is more than a repository for meeting agendas or event registration.  It’s a critical business tool that can help you achieve your business goals.  But where do you start? In thisRead more

Beware: Concept Testing that thinks it’s Usability Testing

Beware: Concept Testing that thinks it’s Usability Testing

When we talk about user research, we’re including the narrower activity of usability testing.  Usability testing is, like all user research, qualitatively different from customer research.  The heart of it is this: customer research answers the very basic question:  why will I buy; or, for those in not for profit sector, why will I engageRead more

The Changing Association Experience

What does an association for medical professionals have in common with an Internet domain name registration authority? Both have members and seek to provide the services offered to their members through their online channels as part of a broader overall user experience and a much more intricate member journey. Mapping out the journey that theirRead more

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